SustainTech Competition Pitch Day 2024

Last week, in partnership with our esteemed business partner, UCL School of Management, we hosted the second edition of the SustainTech Competition Pitch Day.

Building on the success of the inaugural event in 2023, we chose to replicate the experience, resulting in an even larger audience and a broader pool of participants this time around.

Tecno International launched the programme with the aim of supporting aspiring and existing entrepreneurs seeking to positively contribute to both the environment and society through their business ventures. In anticipation of the Pitch Day, throughout the past months, we assisted and assessed all participants with the support of the UCL School of Management.

On the day, the finalists pitched their business ideas to a panel of expert judges and the audience, competing for the following prizes: Best Pitch, Best Idea and Audience Choice Award, with the winning team in each category taking home a £1,000 cash prize, 12 months of Business and Technical Mentorship and introductions to Tecno International’s business partners.

On the occasion, our Head of Strategy, Allegra Fortunato, held a keynote speech on the latest trends of #SustainTech and addressed the urgency for businesses to comply with these.

Tecno International’s team eagerly awaits to embark upon such an exciting journey with the winners and to share future developments with you.

Scroll down to learn about the three SustainTech entrepreneur winners of the SustainTech Pitching Competition 2024.

Best Idea Award

Ouroboros is a biofuels company, which will convert atmospheric carbon dioxide into ethanol using isolated, cell-free, enzymes. This approach has several advantages over current bioethanol production, namely that our only inputs are carbon dioxide, water and electricity.

Best Pitch Award

Re-Block revolutionise the construction industry through an innovative, AI-powered system. It contributes to a sustainable and eco-friendly future by providing low-carbon building materials.

Audience Choice Award

Re-Ovum transforms waste eggshell into sustainable wound dressings and eco-friendly plastic packaging alternative, repurposing waste through an innovative biotechnology.