Corporate ESG Commitments for Sustainable Urban Transformation Report

In collaboration with Octopus Centre Net Zero, Tecno International issued a paper studying the implementation of corporate ESG commitments to advance sustainable urban transformation.

Using the Clean Energy Cities set of recommendations developed by CNZ, the study evaluates how the ESG commitments of five companies contribute to the local energy transition of their HQ city, and has a set of recommendations on how they can work better with cities and the energy sector when they make future ESG commitments.



Within the everchanging landscape of urban sustainability, our endeavour to dissect and evaluate corporate commitments marks
a crucial step toward a more resilient future. As cities stand at the forefront of this transition, it is necessary that we shape a blueprint where corporate responsibility seamlessly integrates with the sustainable fabric of urban contexts. This collaboration embodies a collective attempt to decipher the intricate interplay between key industry players and the overarching vision of the Clean Energy Cities report, thereby providing a roadmap toward the realisation of cleaner and more sustainable urban environments.
The insights presented herein stand as a testament to the significance of multi-stakeholder engagement vis-à-vis environmental concerns. Aligning with Clean
Energy Cities recommendations, we navigate the interactions between corporatestrategies and the distinct urban typologies within which they operate. Ultimately, the path to sustainable urbanity demands active participation from corporations, governments, communities, and academia, combining efforts to propel cities toward a future where energy is clean, and resilience is paramount. This report stands as a beacon of this integration, reimagining sustainable urban development and conceiving a future where cities thrive as hubs of sustainability, with corporate commitments serving as pillars of support.