Tecno International is honoured to be part of this year’s edition of London Climate Action Week, an unmissable and exceptional event. This annual gathering is a cornerstone for advancing global climate initiatives, and we are proud to contribute to the discussions and innovations that drive sustainable progress.

About London Climate Action Week.

Every year, London Climate Action Week (LCAW) brings together business leaders, policymakers, and communities to create solutions to the climate emergency. This week-long event series harnesses London’s power and connectivity for both global and local climate action, showcasing the city’s leadership in addressing the challenges of climate change. With the largest concentration of climate-focused organizations in the world, London is at the forefront of these efforts. The year 2024 marks the sixth edition of LCAW and the midpoint in the global climate calendar. This annual event highlights the comprehensive societal involvement needed for decarbonization and resilience, while also encouraging other global cities to organize similar initiatives.

Participating to one of the world’s largest independent climate change events.

London Climate Action Week has now firmly established itself as a key milestone in the global sustainability calendar. This year, the LCAW is expected to host over 300 events for people of all ages and professions focussed on finding global solutions to climate change. The line up of ground-breaking physical and online events is expected to attract an audience of more than 45.000 people.

This year, London Climate Action Week will address the following four key themes:

  1. The road to climate ambition at COP 30
  2. Financing the global climate transition
  3. Delivering a net zero and resilient UK
  4. Mobilising whole of society climate action

Our contribution to LCAW 2024.

In occasion of the London Climate Action Week, Tecno International will host an online workshop to discuss the intersection between sustainability and business strategy and to inspire action within organisations. Through the workshop, we aim to stimulate the audience to facilitate a deeper understanding of the intersection between sustainability and business strategy and to inspire action within organisations.

Allegra Fortunato, our Head of Strategy & Operations, will uncover sustainability strategies to mobilise every sector of the system towards real impact. In particular, the speaker will:

  • Explore the critical issues hindering widespread business engagement with sustainability;
  • Delve into the challenges of lacking a common definition for sustainability, failing to recognise its potential as a competitive driver, and the necessity for leaders to grasp the tools required for transformative change;
  • Analyse current market trends and business cases on organisations integrating sustainability into their core strategy;
  • Share key insights on the urgency of sustainability engagement and the imperative for companies to act now.