For the sixth consecutive year, Tecno is awarded Best Managed Company.

Tecno International is proud to share that, once again, Tecno won the award designed by Deloitte and accredited every year to the Best Managed Companies in Italy.

Tecno is among the seven Italian companies to obtain the Best Managed Companies Award, as well as the prize of Gold Company (Companies that have been defined as Best Managed Companies for at least four consecutive editions).

Tecno Group has been awarded Best Managed Company since the first year of the launch of the Award, in 2018. The Best Managed Companies program helps elevate private businesses that drive the collective economy and create a brighter future for stakeholders. Tecno is therefore among those companies demonstrating excellence relative to the program’s four pillars of evaluation and now part of global ecosystem of outstanding private businesses.

On the occasion of the award ceremony, Il Giornale d’Italia interviewed Giovanni Lombardi, president of Tecno, one of the few companies that has been included among the Best Managed companies for six consecutive years, since the first year of the Award’s launch.

Giovanni Lombardi told Il Giornale d’Italia: “First of all, I would like to thank Deloitte and the Elite program, which again this year allowed us to participate in the Best Managed Companies Award. I would like to proudly say, as President of Tecno Group, that we have won this award for six consecutive years. This validates our business model, our success that is also proven by numbers, our ability to collaborate with businesses in our country but also abroad, and our Sustainability Hub, the first-ever to be created in Italy a few years ago. This was possible not only thanks to our abilities in consulting or compliance to defined ESG standards but also thanks to digital tools that we first introduced and adopted in Italy.”

How do you plan to continue on this growth path?

“Some might ask us to stop participating…but we are fiercely ambitious! We are growing by double digits every year and plan to reach at least the 10th edition. This is also thanks to a whole series of digital tools that we are creating and patenting.”