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We help companies to become more competitive through the digital and sustainable transformation of their business


ESG-focused services

We offer a broad range of ESG services that allow companies to develop corporate sustainability strategies fully integrated into their business strategies, and support their execution.

Our competitive advantage in this line of consulting is the use of science-based consulting frameworks we developed in collaboration with our Advisory Board member Professor Paolo Taticchi, OMRI (University College London – read more here) and proprietary digital platforms such as KontrolON, an innovative digital platform for real-time energy and carbon management (read more here).

Corporate sustainability strategy

Corporate sustainability that boosts financial performance
We design corporate sustainability strategies that help organisations to boost their valuation, sustainable brand, ESG profile and financial performance.

Sustainability disclosure

Strategic use of sustainability reporting and sustainable marketing
We help organisations to develop effective sustainable marketing plans that help building a sustainable brand and we produce sustainable reports aligned with the most popular frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative or Integrated Reporting. We also help organisations to achieve B Corp certification.

Climate action

Cost effective carbon reduction and net-zero strategies
We help organisations to assess their carbon footprint by defining carbon reduction strategies and carbon offsetting initiatives. We do so by aligning to the most popular frameworks, such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and Science-based Targets. We also offer Environmental Product Declarations (EPD certification) to assess product carbon footprint through Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

Carbon and Energy Management

Industry-leading proprietary digital platform for carbon and energy management
KontrolON is an innovative digital platform for real-time energy and carbon management (read more here). Today KontrolON is used by industrial leaders worldwide (read here a testimony from our client Caterpillar)

Sustainable finance solutions

Access to and management of sustainable finance solutions
Thanks to our business partners, we offer access to sustainable finance solutions for SMEs. We have also developed specific services for VCs and Private Equity firms to help them with ESG assessments and to increase the ESG performance and valuation of companies in their investment portfolio.


Digital-focused services

By developing KontrolON (industry-leading platform for real-time energy and carbon management) we have developed great expertise in solutions for industrial monitoring. Moreover, thanks to recent acquisitions and business partnerships we secured, we are now able to support more complex digital projects with a focus on cybersecurity, AI and blockchain.

Our competitive advantage, in this line of consulting, is the ability to analyse in real time the outputs, to detect the resources, to monitor energy consumption and production costs. The good data, often hard to obtain, is fundamental to improving the overall company performance and reducing waste.


Using a combined approach based on log analysis, AI and machine learning, our solution automates time consuming security analysis – monitoring, profiling, identifying and mitigating cybersecurity incidents.
The solution is focused on stopping cyber threats at the pre attack phase. It is a hybrid product incorporating a SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Firewall and much more.

AI and blockchain solutions

Our goal is to guarantee corporate data protection and safety, which is pivotal in our analyses, independently from the data’s source. To do so, we are working on developing AI solutions that process figures in an automated way. Alongside AI, we are developing blockchain solutions to safely and digitally record every transaction.
We help organisations to find unique solutions to their challenges, and technology allows us to protect data while ensuring trust and accuracy.


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